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Thursday, 4 June 2009

Enterprise apps like Consumer apps

I just read Phil Wainewrights blogpost on "Using Paas for Rapid Enterprise App Development" on The Connected web on ebizq

One of the points made in the text is that enterprise app development can be more like design, taking into account the user at every step of the process. This is a very important development and I'm a firm believer in that our Enterprise apps will more and more feel like Consumer apps. Gaming and new Social Media will be the models for future enterprise applications.

The biggest obstacles for the adoption and creation of more Consumer-like apps in the Enterprise today are
  1. The huge investments that have already been made. If your running SAP R3 for example you're unlikely to change that very fast
  2. Vendors, making a lot of money on their products
  3. Consultants / integrators making a lot of money on the integration job.
  4. Conservative views on what Enterprise apps should be and how they should be developed (to serve the company, not the employees)
On the last point, I think companies will have to start realizing on their claims that "Employees are their most valuable resource". Employees really are their most valuable resource. Enterprise Apps have been created with a process in mind, but it's the employees job that Apps should serve, and now Enterprise Apps will have to be created in that way.

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